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In these Bylaws:
“Act” means the Society Act of British Columbia as amended from time to time. “Board” means the directors of the Club.
“Bylaws” means these Bylaws as altered from time to time.

Definitions in Act apply

The definitions in the Act apply to these Bylaws

Conflict with the Act or regulations

If there is a conflict between these Bylaws and the Act or the regulations under the Act, the Act or the regulations, as the case may be, prevail.


1. The name of the club shall be Canadian Federation of University Women Vernon, hereafter referred to as CFUW Vernon.


1. The aim of the Club shall be to cooperate closely with the purposes of the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW), namely:

a. Promote high standards of public education in Canada, advanced study and research by women, and a sound concept of lifelong learning.

b. Advocate for the advancement of the status of women, human rights and the common good locally, nationally and internationally.

c. Promote cooperation, networking, support and understanding among women.

d. Encourage and enable women to apply their knowledge and skills in leadership and decision- making in all aspects of the political, social, cultural, educational and scientific fields.



  1. Women who have complied with requirements specified in Schedule 1, as set forth by CFUW National shall be eligible for membership.

  2. Application for membership shall be made on the form provided by the Club and shall be recorded by the membership secretary.

  3. Membership dues shall be announced at the September meeting of each year for the fiscal year following the current year.

  4. Membership dues for the following year are due and payable after the Annual General Meeting in May and are in arrears after November 1 of that year.

  5. A person’s membership in the Club is terminated if her dues are in arrears.

  6. After March 1, fees collected shall be applied to the following fiscal year.

Approved, May 15, 2017


1. The Board of the Club shall be: a. President

b. Vice President c. Past President d. Treasurer
e. Secretary

f. Membership Secretary g. Social Convenor
h. Issues and Resolutions

2. Duties of the Board:
a. The Board shall organize all matters pertaining to the Club.
b. The Board shall approve all expenses not previously approved in the budget, plans and budgets for social events and fundraising projects.

3. Duties of the Directors:

a. President

  • preside at all meetings of the Club and the Board;

  • generate agenda for the Club and Board meetings and distribute by email to all

    members, and prepare 3 – 4 hard copies for the meeting;

  • sign documents and correspondence for CFUW Vernon;

  • arrange lunch speakers for Club meetings and members to introduce and thank the


  • act as contact person with community groups and receive all correspondence;

  • write annual report for BC Council and Club AGMs;

  • with Past President, meet annually with zone chairman and possibly representative(s)

    of Kelowna’s club;

  • work with Secretary to update Club brochure in August;

  • act as a signing director for the Club;

  • inform members of current information through emails and monthly newsletters;

  • save all Club documents and correspondence on a jump drive to be passed on to next


    b. Vice President

  • perform all duties of the president in her absence;

  • assist committees with publicity of events and activities;

  • take pictures at Club events;

  • inform insurance agency of all club activities for the year in September and update as


  • book facility for meetings and equipment for speakers, in consultation with President.

    c. Past President

  • chair the Nominating Committee;

  • update the website regularly with news of activities and events;

  • keep the Club banner, bring it to and display it at meetings and events.

    d. Treasurer

  • record numbers in attendance at Club meetings and events;

  • receive, collect, bank and record all monies and securities;

Approved, May 15, 2017

  • reconcile monthly bank statements;

  • submit a financial report at each Board and Club Business meeting;

  • submit an April 30th year-end financial statement at the Club’s AGM;

  • prepare an annual budget, in consultation with President and Past President to be

    presented at September Board meeting followed by presentation at the next Business

    meeting of the Club;

  • arrange for a review of the financial records by a person or persons approved by the

    Board to assess whether the financial statements appear reasonable when compared to

    bank records and books of accounts;

  • act as a signing director for the Club.

    e. Secretary

  • take minutes at each meeting and distribute to members via email or hard copy;

  • make prints and put together CFUW Vernon thank you cards as needed;

  • send notes and cards to members and others on behalf of the Club as requested;

  • write thank you notes for Lunch speakers and for non-member speakers, including an

    honoraria for an amount to be determined by the Board;

  • pick up mail regularly at Vernon Community Arts Centre;

  • work with the President to update Club brochure in August;

  • maintain Club records in digital and hard copy formats;

    • create separate folders for minutes, correspondence and financials for the current year;

    • store folders electronically on jump drive and in hard copy in ring binder to pass on to next secretary;

    • submit records older than seven (7) years to the Vernon Archives.

f. Membership Secretary

  • develop and enact plan for recruiting new members;

  • have each new member complete a registration card;

  • maintain an up-to-date membership list, which includes each member's name, address,

    degree and university or college, and the date of admission to and resignation from the

    Club using a spreadsheet, in consultation with treasurer;

  • distribute membership directory which includes name, phone number, mailing address

    and email address to all members via e-mail or hard copy after the September meeting

    and after the November deadline for paying fees;

  • distribute name badges at all Club functions, including to guests;

  • send reminders of memberships due in September and October to members who have

    not paid.

    g. Social

    • encourage, support, and help members organize interest groups and outings;

    • maintain a list of members who have signed up for each interest group with contact

      information and distribute it to the membership;

    • propose special events including a budget to executive for approval at least three

      months prior to the event;

    • work with the Vice President to publicize Club events and activities.

      h. Issues and Resolutions

    • keep informed about current issues of BC Council, CFUW National and Graduate Women


    • report to the Club on current issues and initiate Club action on at least one issue each

      year through letter writing, e-mails, petitions, or meetings;

    • schedule one meeting/year to present an issue of concern and any relevant follow up

Approved, May 15, 2017


  • receive resolutions from BC Council and National Club, present resolutions to members

    at March meeting, and provide Club input on resolutions by deadline specified;

  • approve member initiated petitions prior to presentation at general meetings.

    4. Election of Directors:

    After presenting the list of nominees prepared by the Nominating Committee at the Annual General Meeting, the Past President shall call for other nominations for each office from the floor. If the offices are contested, the vote shall be by ballot. If an office becomes vacant during the year, the President shall appoint a replacement to complete the current term. The term of office for all Directors is one year.

    5. Standing Committees:

    a. Nomination Committee: chaired by the Past President and will include two members approved by the Board.

    Duties: to prepare a list of nominees, at least one for each Board position, and present same at the AGM. Board experience is preferred for the position of the president. All nominations must be submitted to the Committee in writing and signed by the nominee, except if the nominee is present at the meeting at which the election takes place. All nominations must be approved by the nominee.

    b. Scholarship Committee: chaired by a Scholarship Director appointed by the Board, reporting to the President, and will include three members approved by the Board.

    1. A quorum shall be 30% of the members for a General Meeting and 50% at Board Meetings. 2. Proxy votes are not allowed.


    Club meetings shall be held the third Monday of each month from September to May, except for December. Business meetings will be held in October, January, March and May and as deemed necessary. Board meetings shall be held prior to each Business meeting plus September and in June for the combined outgoing and incoming Board. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in May each year.


    1. The fiscal year of CFUW Vernon shall be from May 1 of each year to April 30 of the following year.
    2. Membership dues are collected after the AGM in May and are in arrears by November 1 of that year.

    3. All expenses over $300 not previously approved in the budget shall be voted upon at a Business meeting of the Club.
    4. There shall be four designated signing Directors: the Treasurer plus three others from the Board, or approved by the Board, and any two of these four may sign cheques on behalf of the Club.
    5. All social and special events, and fundraising projects will submit to the Board for approval

Approved, May 15, 2017

a budget and description of the event or project at least three months prior to the event occurring or project starting. Budgets should be planned to break even financially or make a profit.
6. The bank for CFUW Vernon is Vantage One.


Notice of proposed amendments to the Constitution or Bylaws shall be in the hands of the members at least one month prior to a general meeting. A Special Resolution amending the Constitution or Bylaws must be passed by two-thirds of the members present at the general meeting.


The most recent edition of Robert's Rules of Order shall govern the proceedings of the Club in all cases not provided for in these bylaws.

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